Almost every town around here has a park and ride area. These areas are so popular that you even find them between towns wherever a population base warrants them. Believe it or not, a lot of the people using these areas are carpooling into the DC area. While visiting with Joe King the other day he was telling me about his problem with carpooling.

Joe recently moved out here from rural Wyoming and works as a TSA agent at Regan. Out in central Wyoming traffic was no problem. He would jump into his car and be to work in twenty minutes. No traffic, no stress problems for Joe, a rather highly strung man. He was telling me that he was getting more stressed with each trip into “the city” as he calls it. After a week of panic attacks, he took a day off and went to the doctor. “I’m fine on the bridges, in the traffic and even in the dark coming home after a long day,” he told the doctor. “But when I go through tunnels with those four other guys, I feel like I’m gonna explode. Am I crazy?” he asked the doc.

“Not at all,” the doc said. “You just have Carpool Tunnel Syndrome.”

Keep your fork



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