Making Pants

Seth Yavetz has a small clothing store. Business is slow and doing poorly and he’s afraid he will have to lay off what few employees he has. Seth decides to go to temple and ask God for help. After a few minutes of prayer Seth hears the voice of God who says, “Make pleated pants.”

Seth goes back to his store and starts working feverishly on pleated pants. In a couple of months, the store is more successful than it ever has been and pleated pants are all the rage. With his new found wealth and need for more employees, he  decides he will need to expand.

As often happens, Seth expanded too much and couldn’t meet his overhead costs. Sheepishly, he goes back to temple to ask God for more help. Like before, after a few minutes of prayer, Seth hears God’s voice saying, “Make narrower lapels on the suit coats.”

After going back to the store and working feverishly on narrower lapels, the store is again doing a landfall business and Seth has learned his lesson. After thinking about how to honor God, he goes back to temple a third time.

“God,” he says, “I want to show my appreciation for all of your blessings, so I named the store ‘Yavetz and God.'”.

Again Seth hears the voice of God who says, “No. Don’t use our names, use our occupations. And I get first billing.”

“What should I call it?” asks Seth.

“Lord and Tailor,” was God’s reply.

Keep your fork


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