Don’t Touch Me

After mowing down at the river pavilion the other day, I took a few minutes break and sat down on the steps that go down to the water. There were three men in a small fishing boat in the center of the river and all of a sudden an angel appeared in the boat with them. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it must be the heat but after clearing the sweat from my eyes, the angel was still in the boat with the men. I sat quietly watching and listening to see what would happen.

After getting over his shock the first man said to the angel, “My hip has been causing me severe pain and causing me to limp for many years. Could you please help me?” As I watched, the angel touched the man’s hip and I could see that he had instant relief.

The second man pointed to his thick glasses and asked the angel, “I’ve such poor eyesight that I can’t even see the face of my newest grandson. Could you please cure my poor eyesight?” The angel took the man’s glasses and tossed them into the river. As the glasses hit the water the man’s sight must have been restored because he yelled out, “Praise the Lord! What a great day it is.”

As the angel turned to the third man, I could see him pull back as he cried out, “Don’t touch me. I’m on disability!”

Keep your fork

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