Bear Marinade

Bear season is just around the corner. Archery season in Virginia starts October 1st, Muzzleloader starts November 12th  and firearms starts either October 1st, November 28th or December 5th depending on your zone. Here is a good marinade for bear if you are in need of one.

1 c wine or 1/2 c lemon juice or 2 c tomato juice (this is the tenderizing agent)
3/4 c vegetable oil (this binds the marinate and makes it cling to the meat)
2 tsp meat tenderizer, if possible (with a bear, 2 is better than 1)
1 tsp salt
Peppers and herbs to taste (example: Italian seasoning & parsley or cloves and allspice or onions and garlic)

You may have to double or triple the amount. Marinate the bear meat 1 to 5 days, depending on the size of the pieces and the amount of time you can wait before ‘just having to’ eat him.

Keep your fork


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