Things I Remember From Childhood

Having spent several days with my newest grandson has gotten me to thinking. When he gets older, will he remember the fun we had together? In fact, what thoughts are actually going through the mind of a one year old when an old geezer is spending quality time with them? Driving across Indiana and Ohio today gave me time to think back to my childhood. Here are a few things I could remember from the 40’s and 50’s.

  • Tuffy, our faithful family dog only peed on the electric fence once.
  • Mouth to beak resuscitation does not revive chickens found on the bottom of the stock tank.
  • Even though they look alike, rabbit droppings do not taste like raisins.
  • Barn cats cannot swim under water.
  • Never kick a cow pie on a hot day.
  • Milk cows are hard to get in the barn if you use a vacuum cleaner to milk them.
  • Pet fish will swim upside down if you put cider vinegar instead of water in their tank.
  • Gasoline, when put on unwanted vegetables, does an excellent job of controlling insects.
  • Stepping on a rusty nail ends up in a trip to the doctor’s office.
  • Grandpas, when asked about the facts of life, don’t say, “Go ask your mother,” like dads do.
  • Jumping from the haymow onto to back of your pony is not a good idea.
  • Throwing down too much silage from the silo tends to plug up the chute and makes one miss supper.
  • After cleaning peppers, wash your hands before going potty because it hurts almost as much as not being careful zipping up the fly of your jeans.

Keep your fork


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