An Unusual Personal Safe

I was looking at a new floor safe in which to keep my coin collection and got to visiting with a store clerk.  He indicated that his dad was from the old school but instead of keeping his money under the mattress, he kept it in his underwear drawer. He continued on saying that one day he bought him an unusual personal safe, a can of spray adhesive with a false bottom, so he could keep his money in the workshop. The clerk said that about a week later he asked his Mom if he was using it.

“Oh, yes,” she replied, “he put his money in it the same day.”

“Excellent,” said the clerk, “no burglar would ever think of looking on the shelf in the workshop.”

“They won’t have to,” his Mom replied, “he keep’s it in underwear drawer.”

I put the batteries in the safe door and now have more room for underwear myself.

Keep your fork

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