Creamed Onion Greens

I never knew my Great-grandpa Nagel but I do remember my Dad telling two stories regarding him. One thing G-Gpa (Michael) always said was ,”Once I pass, if you can’t put real flowers on my grave, don’t bother putting anything on it.” While growing up, I can remember cutting lilacs for Memorial Day and putting them on his grave. The other story about Michael was that he always wanted new potatoes, a spring fry (young chicken) and new garden peas for the 4th of July.  Great-grandpa was a common man with simple requests. Dad also enjoyed these three foods during the spring months. We’d dig under the potato vines and scronge enough small, new potatoes to go with the young rooster we’d harvest and new peas from our garden for a spring feast.

We often throw away food that our ancestors made good use of.  Now that fall potato harvest is here and green onions can be had from the garden or grocery store, why not try this creamed onion greens (tops) recipe.  Cut the green onion tops into 1 inch pieces. In a sauce pan, cover the onion pieces with sour cream and season with salt. Simmer until tender. Serve with the small C or B sized potatoes that you so often have thrown away. I would bet that G-Gpa Michael also enjoyed this feast back in his day!

Keep your fork


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