Church Signs

In earlier posts I featured signs seen around the country and on various trucks that travel our roads. Here are signs that appeared on church sign boards across the United States.

  • Don’t Make Me Come Down There – GOD
  • I’m Also Making A List and Checking It Twice – GOD
  • Get Off Of Facebook and Into My Book – GOD
  • Keep Using My Name In Vain, I’ll Make Rush Hour Longer – GOD
  • Will The Road You’re On Get You To My Place – GOD
  • Honk If You Love Jesus, Text While Driving If You Want To Meet Him
  • God Wants Spiritual Fruits, Not Religious Nuts
  • Give God What’s Right, Not What’s Left
  • Sign Broke, Message Inside
  • Get Right or Get Left
  • Jesus, Your Get Out Of Hell Free Card
  • If You Would Shut Up, You Could Hear God’s Voice
  • Be An Organ Donor, Give Your Heart To Jesus
  • Sin Knocks A Hole In Your Bucket Of Joy
  • Read The Bible, It’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You
  • Easter Is Something More than Something To Dye For
  • Need A Lifeguard? Ours Walks On Water
  • There Are Some Questions That Can’t Be Answered By Google
  • God Is Like Tide Soap, He Gets The Stains Out Others Left Behind
  • Free Coffee, Everlasting Life. Yes, Membership Has Its Privileges
  • Life Is A Puzzle, Look Here For The Missing Peace
  • Forbidden Fruits Creates Many Jams
  • What Is Missing From Ch  ch? U R
  • Prayer – Wireless Access To God With No Roaming Fee
  • You Have One New Friend Request From Jesus,  Confirm    Ignore
  • Dust On Your Bible Could Lead To Dirt In Your Life
  • Son Screen Prevents Sin Burn
  • “Try Jesus” If You Don’t Like Him, The Devil Will Take You Back
  • God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists, Therefore Atheists Do Not Exist
  • Why Pay For GPS? Jesus Gives Directions For Free
  • To Err Is Human, To Arrrr Is Pirate

Keep your fork


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