The Dreaded Needle

I used to be one of the roughly 10 percent of people who fear (hate) a loaded syringe at any doctor’s office. Mind you, I still don’t like him/her coming at me with a shot, but I’ve learned to put up with it. Being a diabetic I check my blood at least four times a day and inject myself with insulin four times a day, so I poke a whole lot of holes in myself on a daily basis. This has helped get me over some of the fear of needles. I don’t recommend that you try to get diabetes to get over your fear of needles, but rather try one of these methods if you are in the 10 percent spoken about above.

Talk to the shooter – Tell who ever comes after you with the syringe how needles make you feel. They may let you lie down to help with the wooziness.

Go to your happy place – We all have a time or place in the past where we were truly happy. Close your eyes and breath deeply while you re-visit your happy place. Listening to your favorite music may also help.

Try a distractant – Chew/eat a piece of gum or candy or anything else that may be sweet to distract you from the unpleasantness of the needle.

Avoid coffee – Or any other caffeine source prior to your doctor’s appointment. Caffeine can make you feel anxious for up to 6 hours before the visit.

Ask for a security blanket – Or something else that would lessen your fear. The weight of the blanket makes you feel safer just like the blanket people put on dogs during a thunderstorm.

Keep your fork

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