Thanksgiving Leftovers

My friend, Frenchy, hates leftovers. I hear tell that he’ll eat an entire 5 pound pot roast will all the trimmings so as not to have to eat any leftovers. As for myself, I plan and live for leftovers. The Pickle Queen marvels at how I can take a few simple ingredients and have enough extra after we’ve eaten to throw together at least one more meal. If the leftovers look a little scant I’ll toss in another ingredient or two and ‘Presto’ it’s no longer leftovers. It a new dish. While going to SDSU and living off campus, my roommate and I concocted many a good meal. Maybe that’s where I came up with the ‘thriftyness’ in my meal preparation.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it seems that everyone has leftover turkey, spuds, dressing, etc. Turkey hash can only go so far. It seems to me that ‘Sliders ‘ are the in thing. You pay big bucks for these tiny sandwiches at TGIF, Applebees, or any number of other places that want you to think that you’re getting something special. No matter how they present them, they are just a one bite sandwich, maybe two on a good day. Now is the time to plan on turkey size, pounds of potatoes and other sides for your Thanksgiving meal. You’ll want extras for this recipe for Turkey Sliders.

6 to 8 soft rolls, cut in half and slather with butter, mayo, or whatever
1 lb sliced or pulled turkey
1 c gravy
1 c smashed potatoes
1 c dressing or stuffing
1/2 c cranberry sauce (optional)
and if you’re from the South you’ll need some coleslaw

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Place the roll bottoms in a buttered casserole dish or other suitable buttered container. Place an equal amount of smashed potatoes, stuffing/dressing and gravy onto these bottom halves. Layer the turkey on top of the gravy and top with the cranberry sauce if you desire. Place the tops on the layered rolls and cover with foil. Bake for about 10 minutes. Remove the foil and let the sliders rest for a couple of minutes. If you are adding coleslaw, do so before serving. Have plenty of napkins available as these are a bit messy.

Keep your fork


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