Want To Get Even?

How many times have your back teeth been floating or worse yet, really needing to drop a deuce, only to find all of the stalls occupied? After dancing around for what seems like an eternity, you stoop over to see if you can spot feet under the partition. Sure enough, you’ll have to wait your turn. Has it ever occured to you that the feet you see may be all there is to see? HUH?

Grab a pair of old boots or shoes you don’t mind getting rid of, or better yet, buy a pair at a secondhand store so as not to get blamed for this prank. Roll up some newspaper and place them in two tube socks which you then put into the boots/shoes. Place these stuffed boots/shoes in front of a stool in an empty bathroom stall. Make sure you lock the door and keep this prank to yourself so more people will fall for it. If you have a pair of old pants, arrange them around the shoes in the proper position to make it look more believable. If you don’t mind crawling under the door when you need to use the facilities, you may have your private biffy for a week or two.

Keep your fork


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