Acorn Meal

I don’t rightly know how the acorn drop is in your neck of the woods, but here it’s plentiful. The deer and squirrels should be having a feast this fall. If you hurry, you can gather your share before they are all gone and make some acorn meal for your baking needs.

The acorn ‘nut’ is composed of three parts; the cup (cupule), a tough outer shell and the kernel. The kernel, consisting of two fat-rich seed leaves (cotyledons) which enclose a tiny embryo at the pointed end of the nut. You are after this kernel. After separating the cup from the whole nut, break through the outer shell and save the kernel.

When you have plenty of dry, raw acorn kernels, grind them. Mix these ground kernels with boiling water and press out the liquid using cheese cloth. If the kernels are bitter, you will have to repeat this step several times. When you are satisfied with the taste, spread the meal on a cookie sheet and dry thoroughly in a 250 degree oven.

As the meal will cake together during the drying process, you will have to re-grind the meal in a food chopper before sealing in a glass jar for later baking needs.

Keep your fork


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