Sign Relocation

With election time upon us, now is the time to give a friend something to do. If your town and/or countryside is anything like ours, there are political signs for everyone running from president to dog catcher littering the byways and boulevards. Do us all a favor by relocating as many of these signs as possible to a single location.

What are you to do with these signs? We all know someone who would vote for Mickey Mouse if they had either an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ behind their name. After talking a friend, preferably a fast runner,  into helping you collect these signs at night, place all the ‘D’ signs on a known ‘R’ lover’s lawn and vice versa. The next morning, the lucky individual will want to remove all the signs before the neighbors see them and think he/she has completely lost their marbles.

Be ready to blame someone else if you are known to do this type of thing.

Keep your fork

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