What Is It Called?

If you have ever spent any amount of time in a hunting blind or tree stand you know that you have more quiet time than moments of pure excitement when your prey walks into view. How do you spend that quiet time? I’ve counted squirrels, blue jays, woodpeckers and cardinals. I’ve designed wood working projects in my head. I’ve decided on what to plant in our garden the next spring. I’ve looked back at what classes and topics I taught in my 40 plus years of teaching. I’ve watched a bunch of turkey vultures circling overhead, wondering what the official name was for that ‘bunch’ of scavengers.

It’s somewhat common knowledge that a group of cattle may be called a drove, herd, mob or team, while a group of pigs may be called a drift, drove, sounder, team or passel.  If you’s watched geese flying south for the winter, you’ve seen a skein of geese in flight.  These same geese feeding in a corn field are called a flock or gaggle.

Let’s see if you can name groups for the following animals commonly hunted. Match the second list (A thru J) with the proper animal group in the first list (1 thru 10).

1. Deer
2. Doves
3. Ducks
4. Fox
5. Grouse
6. Pheasants
7. Quail
8. Rabbits
9. Squirrels
10. Turkeys

A. dule, bevy, cote, dole, paddling
B. dray, scurry
C. nest, nye
D. herd, leash, gang
E. rafter, gang, posse
F. brace, team, flock, raft, paddling, badling
G. colony, warren, nest, down, husk, herd
H. leash, skulk, earth, lead, troop
I. bevy, covey
J. pack, covey


1. D
2. A
3. F
4. H
5. J
6. C
7. I
8. G
9. B
10. E

Oh, by the way, a group of vultures is called a venue or a kettle.

Keep your fork

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