Southern Comfort Food

Call it ‘Southern Comfort Foods’ or ‘Soul Food’ and you’re talking about the same type of ‘good eats’. Slave owners would dine on all the good cuts of meat while leaving the scraps, offal  and other less desirable foods for their slaves to eat. The term ‘Soul Food’ came to being in the mid-sixties when ‘Soul” was used to describe African-American culture. Today, ‘Soul’ and ‘Comfort’ are used interchangeably.

Walk the isles in almost any grocery chain or ABC store here in the south and you’ll find some type of southern comfort item. Here are some examples of what some southerners are consuming.

Black-eyed Peas
Chicken Feet
Collard Greens
Fat Back
Fried Fish
Hog Maw
Peach Cobbler
Pig’s Feet
Pig’s Tail
Poultry Giblets
Souse, Scrapple, Pon Haus
Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Tea
White Lightning

Come on down and enjoy our cuisine!

Keep your fork



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