And Now, The Rest of The Story

On 22 June 2016 my post was ‘Just Part of Life On The Massanutten’ and yesterday my post was ‘Who’s The Real Winner?’. Both dealt with the big hickory tree that blew down near our house. If you remember the first post, the good Lord gave me more fire wood, but was kind enough to keep it closer than usual to my splitting/stacking area. For that I was thankful. But, I got cocky and paid the price for it.

Cutting up the branches of the main canopy wasn’t bad at all. After cutting them into firebox length, I simply loaded them on my trailer and pulled them downhill to the s/s area where I split what had to be split and stacked that with the other smaller pieces that didn’t require splitting.

When I got to the main trunk area, the real work began. The smaller of these rounds were loaded on the trailer and pulled downhill where they await splitting and stacking. These rounds (around 75 to 100 lbs. each) I either muscled onto the trailer or rolled them up a ramp onto the trailer. The bigger rounds were another story.


These bigger rounds were well over 100 pounds each which meant there was no way I could load them. While contemplating what to do, the good Lord spoke to me again. “I gave you this firewood and now it looks as if I’ll have to help you move it as well,” He seemed to say. “Have you considered using gravity?” End of conversation. The distance from the tree to the s/s area is about 200 feet downhill with a dog leg to the right at the bottom. I selected the smallest of these big rounds, spit on my finger to get the wind direction and speed and sent it on its way. What a sight to see. It rolled downhill, made the curve to the right and disappeared from sight. Wanting to make sure it didn’t hit the barn or roll out onto the road, I went to see how good ‘we’ were. It was still on its side but had stopped five feet short of where I wanted it. Close enough for Massanutten work.

Knowing that I was GOOD, I rolled round 2 onto the launching site and gave it a kick. That’s when the Good Lord decided He had to teach me another lesson. It ended up next to an autumn olive bush left of where the dog leg was. Round 3 landed in the dense weeds left of and 15 feet from the launch site. Round 4 ended in the same place as round 2. Round 5 just about made the river but hit an autumn olive bush North of the garden.


Round 6 stopped short of the garden fence after much pleading with the Lord not to take my fence out.


After gathering and rolling these wayward rounds to the s/s area, I guided most of the rounds that were left downhill by hand to save myself some work. That left only 3 BIG, unruly rounds left. The two that I hope to mill into slabs I asked the Pickle Queen to help me with. It took us over an hour but even with their going off course many times we finally managed to get them safely to the north lean on the barn.


The last round was the one taken closest to the stump. It measured 33 inches across and looked like it didn’t want me to make it into firewood. Finley just happened to stop by with his tractor and loader and agreed to take it home with him. He’ll get some firewood from it and my back will thank me many times over.

As for the stump, when the contractor comes to put in our new driveway, I’ll ask him to push it into the trees where it can live happily ever after.


And now you know the rest of the story.

Keep your fork



2 thoughts on “And Now, The Rest of The Story

    • David Thanks for being a faithful reader. I appreciate it.  I used an ax as a kid to chop wood for our ‘Warm Morning’ stove and fingered out then that an ax wasn’t for me. Out here I started with a sledge hammer and wedge, but found out fast that it was too much like work. I bought a splitting mall and ended up with sore shins from the wood flying off the stump. I should have lagged an old tire onto the stump to split in. I have a dual action DR splitter that splits on both the forward and return stroke. That’s the way to go! I plan on doing a post on my latest improvement to my process. Keep watching and reading. Floyd

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