Little Julia

Little Johnny must be tired of being picked on, so today we’re going to pick on his sister, Julia.

Little Julia was the top student in her Sunday school class and wasn’t afraid of letting others know it. After church service last Sunday she went down to Sunday school as she did every other Sunday. The teacher asked her and the other students to draw and color a picture of something about the baby Jesus.

After much work she came up with a picture of a Boeing 747 with four people inside. The teacher couldn’t quite figure what the picture had to do with the assigned topic. Being the top student, the teacher thought perhaps it had something to do with how Christianity relates to modern times. When it was Julia’s turn the teacher said, “That’s a nice picture Julia, but what is it?”

“Why, that’s Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus on the flight into Egypt,” Julia replied.

“Oh!” the teacher said, “But there are four people in the plane. Who is the fourth person?”

“Why, that’s Pontius, the pilot!”

Keep your fork


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