Not Already!

I woke up Wednesday morning to this view off our front deck.



It was a cool, crisp morning and a wisp of smoke from someone’s wood stove could be seen rising through the trees. It was the 14th of December and the grass was still green, not covered with snow as it is in the midwestern  through the New England states. Later that morning while enjoying the 50+ temperature, I happened to look down and seen this pretty little reminder of spring.



I picked it, snuffing out it’s hope of reproducing. No dandelion is going to get my hopes up for an early spring. If my friends in the Dakotas can’t experience spring weather any time soon, then I don’t want to either. Like HECK I don’t!!

Keep your fork

One thought on “Not Already!

  1. In South Dakota the temp tomorrow night is expected to be -25 or -40 wind chill. But we’ll still make it to the Viking Game Sunday….I hope.
    Enjoy the weather and Merry Christmas.


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