The Alphabet

Sitting here this evening looking at the key board, wondering what drivel with come into my mind when ‘The Alphabet’ flashed through its vast, empty recesses. You hear young children sing the ABC song perfectly, running LMNOP together, but yet, when asked to just say the alphabet, they can’t. I don’t know who came up with the idea of putting letters together to form words, as in spelling, but in my mind, they used way to many letters to form lots of words. Case in point:

Use one (1) letter to spell:

  • A vegetable _____
  • A drink _____
  • A body of water _____
  • A command to a horse _____
  • Part of your face _____
  • An exclamation _____
  • A female sheep _____
  • An insect _____
  • A part of a house _____
  • A bird _____

Using two (2) letters, spell the following:

  • Chilly _____
  • Too much _____
  • Rot _____
  • Not hard _____
  • Vacant _____
  • Jealousy _____
  • Composition _____
  • Indian tent _____
  • Poorly dressed _____
  • Surpass _____
  • Toy gun _____
  • Not dumb _____

Answers to follow in another post.

Keep your fork



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