How’s Your Shoe Sense?

A lot of individuals have more pairs of shoes than they have room for. Shoes are not only good for keeping the toes from freezing and falling off in the cold weather, but have also become part of everyday clever phases and terms. Match each expression with its meaning and try using these sayings in your conversation with friends.

_____  1.  Wait for the other shoe to drop

_____  2.  Goody two shoes

_____  3.  An old shoe

_____  4.  The shoe is on the other foot

_____  5.  Step into someone’s shoes

_____  6.  Living on a shoestring

_____  7.  Having two left feet

_____  8.  A first-class heel

_____  9.  Walk a mile in someone’s shoes

_____ 10.  If the shoe fits, wear it

A.  When circumstances are reversed

B.  A despicable person

C.  A self-righteous person

D.  If something applies to you, accept it

E.  Waiting for something bad to happen

F.  To live within a very tight and limited financial budget

G.  Spend time trying to understand another person’s situation before passing judgement

H.  Someone or something that is very familiar and comfortable

I.  Moving awkwardly when dancing

J.  To take someone’s place

Answers to follow.

Keep your fork


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