You Might Be A Weather Nut If …….

This list was put together by Robert Ruhf. I thought maybe you might know an individual or two who would fall into one or more of these categories.

You Might Be A Weather Nut If…

10)… You spend more than three hours a day watching the Weather Channel.

9)… You drive around town with a doppler radar attached to the roof of your car.

8)… You heave ever been in an argument with someone over a trivial weather fact.

7)… You were late to your sister’s wedding because you were out chasing a thunderstorm.

6)… You named your cat “Blizzard” and your dog “Stormchaser.”

5)… Instead of running for the basement when a tornado is spotted, you run for the video camera.

4)… You know the names of at least five people on the Weather Channel.

3)… You’ve calculated that your back door produces a wind chill every time it is opened too fast.

2)… Your favorite holiday is Groundhog Day.

1) … You hated the movie “Twister” because of its unrealistic portrayal of storm chasing, but you’ve seen it at least six times.

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