A Squirrel Tale

While sitting at the table eating a flat-out for lunch the other day, I happened to see a gray squirrel jump down out of the wood pile and head back to his nest high up in a tree. I’m not sure what a flash back is like but all of a sudden I remembered the squirrel problem Coulter (the first town the Pickle Queen and I lived in) had.

Coulter is a small town in central Iowa. Back then it was surrounded by big groves of trees and corn fields. It may be like that yet today as we haven’t been back in that country for decades. All the trees and corn proved to be a big draw for wildlife. You didn’t have to far to go and you would see deer, red fox, a occasional turkey, pheasants, partridge, etc. But, the most abundant species were fox squirrels.

Three buildings in town were especially overrun with the pesky little critters – the town hall, the hardware store and the Lutheran church. The mayor brought in some cats to control the squirrels in the town hall. The cats did an excellent job of controlling the squirrels but had the habit of spraying the walls and were shredding the files with their claws. The mayor got rid of the predators (cats) and within a few days, the squirrels were back.

The owner of the hardware store humanely trapped the squirrels in his establishment with live traps. He took them a couple of miles outside town and set them free. But three days later they were back in full force enjoying life in the garden section were lawn seed and bird food was abundant.

Only the ECLA Lutheran church came up with an effective solution. They baptized the squirrels and made them members of the church. After that, they only seen them on Christmas and Easter.

Keep your fork


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