Egg Coffee

On Tiny House Nation last night a young couple wanted to downsize from a 1700 square foot farm-house to a 200 square foot tiny home. They had 4 different coffee pots on the kitchen counter they wanted to take with them. John, the host, said that if he wants a cup of coffee all he needed was the one coffee pot he had in his kitchen at home. I got to thinking how coffee has changed since we first got married 48+ years ago. Now-a-days there must be a couple of dozen different types and ways that coffee can be made or put together. Even Mickey D’s has a handful of options. Back in the good old days you had dripped (tricolated), percolated or egg coffee.

It didn’t make any difference what denomination of Lutheran church you went to, the church ladies made egg coffee for every conceivable function. Not very many of those church ladies are still working in the kitchens of those churches today and the art of making egg coffee will come to an end if this knowledge isn’t passed on to the present generation. Here’s how.

Rinse out the coffee pot with boiling water. Allowing 1 tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water, measure the coffee into the pot. Combine the coffee with slightly beaten eggs, using 1 egg for each 8 tablespoons of coffee. Pour the measured amount of freshly boiled water over the coffee and egg mixture. Heat to boiling after thoroughly mixed. Boil for 3 minutes. Strain and serve at once.

Keep your fork

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