My Biannual Checkup

I went to get my biannual checkup with my primary care doctor a while back. After the exam the doctor said he was somewhat amazed at how good of shape I was in for a 70-year-old man. “How do you stay in such good shape?” he asked.

“We heat with wood. I get up before day light, chase up and down the mountain all day long, cutting, splitting and hauling wood,” I replied.

“That might help,” the doctor said, ” but there must be some genetic factors involved.” How old was your dad when he passed?” he continued.

“Who said he’s dead?” I replied.

“You’re 70 years old and your dad is still alive?” he asked. “How old is he?”

“Dad’s 100. In fact, he helped me gather wood the past couple of days,” I replied.

“What about your dad’s dad – how old was he when he passed away?” the doctor then asked.

“Who said he’s dead?” I came back at him.

“You’re 70 years old and your grandpa is still living? How old is he anyway?” the doctor asked.

“Grandpa’s 118,” I answered.

“I suppose you’re going to tell me that he also helped you gather wood the last 2 days,” the doctor said.

“Nope,” I answered, “he got married.”

“Got married?” he said while looking at me in amazement. “Why would a 118 year old guy want to get married?”

Without missing a beat I asked him, “Who said he wanted to?”

Keep your fork


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