Time Management

Seeing the Pickle Queen cleaning the master bed and bath rooms, the hall way, the hall bathroom and half the living room reminded me of an incident that happened this summer while she was in Texas for three weeks. A lot of homemakers complain about the amount of time it takes to keep the house looking neat and clean. A lot of husbands say that if the homemakers would organize their time better, house cleaning would be a snap. I know whose side I’m on, but that’s my secret.

While she was gone, I invited Catfish and Gator Babe over for supper one evening. Nothing great, just some brats, beans, fried spuds and a chocolate cake for dessert. When they arrived, Catfish asked how I was doing. I said, “Great, I made a chocolate cake for dessert, frosted it, washed the kitchen floor, walls and ceiling, cleaned the 2 ceiling fans, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. I took down the drapes and washed them and cleaned the windows. I even had time for a shower myself.”

“You sure know how to manage your time,” Gator Babe said.

I didn’t  say a word. I wasn’t about to admit that when I was making the chocolate frosting, I forgot to turn off the mixer before I lifted the head, taking the beaters out of the bowl, so I had to do all the rest. Everyone is entitled to a lapse in memory every so often.

Keep your fork


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