What To Watch

Unless you’re a lot more technological  savvy than I am, you probably are stuck with only around a hundred TV channels like myself. No matter how many times you run the channels, there is still nothing to watch as you well know. I was talking with Joe King the other day and he was telling me what happened to him.

Joe had been splitting wood all day and after supper sat down in his recliner to watch a little television. He usually watches the Sportsman channel which features hunting shows. Sure enough, there was a good show on about  hunting white tails. On the way up to it though he had noticed an erotic movie being shown on another channel. Like some men, he was flipping back and forth trying to watch both channels and hadn’t noticed his wife come into the room.

All of a sudden, he heard his wife’s voice saying, “You might as well watch the erotic movie. You already know how to hunt.”

He never did finish his story as his wife walked into the room and the topic suddenly changed.

Keep your fork


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