Northern Pike

It was a repeat episode of The Last Alaskans, but I watched it anyway. One of these times on these repeat episodes, they aren’t going to make the same mistakes and the show will end differently. In this one, Ashley Selden was having an ice fishing competition with her husband Tyler. He was pulling in all sizes of northerns and she was catching diddley squat until she switched lures. Anyway, when they got back to the cabin, she fillet out a big pike and fried it up for supper. Nothing else to go with it, just northern. It looked like she might have dredged it in flour and then straight into the skillet without any room between the pieces. They enjoyed it, but if she would have fried it up this way, it would have been better yet.

4 fillet of northern pike ( 12 to 18 inches long)
2 c pancake flour
1 king size bottle of 7-up
Deep fat for frying

Cut fillets into 1 inch square pieces. Take a pair of pliers and remove all the bones from the pieces. It will be quite a job, but well worth the effort. When all the bones have been removed, add enough 7-up to the pancake mix to make a sticky batter. Dip the boneless, cut up pieces of fish into the batter and then deep fat fryer when the fat is at 350 degrees. Fry until the pancake batter is golden brown all over. Serve with a cocktail sauce, soda crackers, butter and a favorite beverage.

Keep your fork


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