Did You Know?

Here are a few tips that may be of interest to you:

  • If you don’t have a double boiler but need one, here’s what you can do. Place an ovenproof glass bowl on top of a pot filled 1/4 full of boiling water. Place your chocolate or whatever you need melted in the bowl and melt to your heart’s content.
  • If you need a dryer softener sheet but the box is empty, do this. Soak a washcloth in regular liquid softener. Wring out the excess and lay flat or hang to dry. You should be able to get around 15 uses out of this home-made softener sheet before it needs reloading.
  • Don’t have any ricotta cheese in the house but need some for an Italian dish? Puree cottage cheese to use in place of the ricotta.
  • If you want baked items to come out soft and light (cakes for instance), let your ingredients (butter and eggs) come up to room temperature before using.
  • If you want baked item to come out flaky (pie crusts, biscuits, shortbread cookies, etc.), keep your ingredients very cold, but not frozen before using.
  • Need to refill your foaming hand soap dispenser but the gallon refill jug is empty? Refill the dispenser with a budget shampoo that has been watered down.
  • To prevent the big dust cloud when adding flour to your stand mixer, add the flour all at once and hold a towel loosely over the top while the flour is being incorporated.
  • Looking for an easier way to shred chicken, pork or beef from a slow cooker? Using the dough hook on your stand mixer, remove the fat from the hunks of meat and place in the mixer bowl and mix away.

Keep your fork


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