A Bad Decision

Two new vet shows have made the lineup on the NGW network on TV. On this weeks episode of Love & Vets, Dr. Will and Dr. Fran dealt with feral cats. One of the procedures preformed on the cats was spaying or neutering which reminded me of this story.

A poor lonely old lady lived in a house with only her cat as a friend. One night, the electricity went out as she sat knitting; being on a small pension, she was unable to pay the electric bill much less put groceries in the cupboard. She put her knitting down, got out of her rocker and went up to the attic to look for an old oil lamp from her childhood days. Upon finding it, she started rubbing it clean. You guessed it, a genie appeared and allowed her three wishes.

“First, I want to be so rich that I never have to worry about money again,” she told the genie. “Second,” she continued, ” I want to be young and beautiful again. And last, I want you to change my little kitty cat into a handsome prince.”

There was a mild explosion that was followed by a huge puff of blue smoke that filled the attic.

As the smoke slowly cleared away she saw that she was surrounded by big bags of coins. She looked into an old mirror nearby. In it she saw a beautiful young woman.

She turned toward the door as a handsome prince walked in. Looking at her lovingly, he held out his arms, and said, “Now I’ll bet you’re sorry you took me to the vet for that little operation!”

Keep your fork


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