Celebrate The Dandelion

Spring in the time of year to celebrate the plant that most people are trying to eradicate from their lawns or other properties. If you watch outdoors programs on the idiot tube, you see people out in nature harvesting edible plants provided by mother nature for our benefit and use. If you join these people you can add plant material to your regular diet as well as provide food in case of an emergency. Eating dandelions sure beats eating sticks!

But, before going out foraging and eating ‘green things’ you find in your lawn or in the woods, remember these three requirements.

  • Make sure you are positive that the plant is safe to eat.
  • Do not use plants found in questionable locations, such as sprayed lawns.
  • Know which parts of the plant are safe to eat. Some parts are safe, while others may be poisonous.

The entire dandelion can be consumed. The jagged dark green leaves can be eaten raw in salads or steamed like spinach. The yellow blossoms makes excellent tea or jelly. These flowers can be eaten raw or dipped in batter and fried. The root can be eaten boiled or roasted after the outer layer is removed by peeling with a knife or by boiling then slipping off the outermost layer before consuming.

Don’t cuss this pesky plant, celebrate and consume it!

Keep your fork


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