Luncheon Salad

I was thinking back to earlier and easier times when I was a boy back in Iowa. We’d go into my grandma’s home for Sunday dinner at least twice a month. The house she lived in had no bathroom, that’s what the outhouse was for, no running water, that was what the water pail and dipper were for and worse yet (at that time in my life) no TV. She made do with what she had and yet we always had one heck of a delicious dinner. It may have included fried chicken or meat loaf along with all the trimmings, but one thing we could always count on was her luncheon salad. I looked through her recipe book and found, in her handwriting, her recipe for the salad.

1 lb bologna, diced
2-1/2 c cooked macaroni
1 c grated raw carrots
1/4 c grated raw onion
1/2 c cooked fresh peas or 1 c canned peas

She had no directions with the ingredients. Just mix everything together and serve. As for how much of the last three ingredients, to taste or as much as needed will have to do.

Keep your fork


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