Do You Know A Know-It-All?

Do you know a know-it-all? If you had to answer this question honestly you may say ‘NO’ just to be polite even though you have someone in mind. I’ll be honest, I know at least a couple of them.

Watching Jeopardy on Saturday night, a question was “What is the objective pronoun of I?” I can usually answer around five or six questions in the combination of Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy any given night, but I must have cut English class in high school the day the teacher talked about objective pronouns as I had no idea that the answer was “What is ME?” Did you know the answer?

Not knowing what an ‘objective pronoun’ even is, but knowing a little about ‘plurals and singulars’ leads me to wonder how many know-it-alls actually know it all. Here’s a few singulars and plurals you can test your and your know-it-alls knowledge with.

  • The plural of Attorney General
  • The plural of beef
  • The plural of biceps
  • One piece of confetti is a
  • The plural of cul-de-sac
  • The plural of lasagna
  • The plural of nieces & nephews
  • The plural of octopus
  • The plural of opus
  • The plural of Prius
  • One strand of spaghetti is a
  • The plural of sphinx

I’m not giving you the answers in this post. Ponder the above 12 and see how your ponderings went in a future post.

Keep your fork

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