The Flood

Returning home from a two-week trip to South Dakota we were told that the Shenandoah had gone out of its banks and there was three feet of water over our road keeping the neighbors land locked, so to speak. I emptied over 4 inches from the rain gauge and I’m sure some must have evaporated over time.

We drove in heavy rains on various days during our trip with the worst being in Ohio. High speed on the wipers was having trouble keeping visibility safe, so we pulled off the road to have coffee in a small diner. I commented to the waitress, “This certainly looks like the Flood!”

“The what?” she asked.

“The Flood. You’ve read about the Flood and the ark landing on Mount Ararat, haven’t you?” I asked.

“No mister,” she answered. “I haven’t seen a paper for almost two weeks.”

Luckily the rain let up and we got out of there before the loconess (localness) hit us too.

Keep your fork


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