It Took Me A Minute

There may be places like this in other parts of the country, but the one we frequent is near Mount Crawford, Virginia.

The Green Valley Book Fair is a discount outlet store that features half a million new books at up to 90% off retail prices. The store offers 30,000 different titles in more than 60 categories which include fiction, history, health and self-help, children’s books, religion, science, sports, cooking, home and garden, crafts, art, reference, nature and outdoors, hunting and fishing, and the list goes on and on. Their 25,000 square foot store is ‘user friendly’ including benches throughout the store where the Pickle Queen can usually find me occupying one as I usually make my selections at a faster pace than her.

We noticed two school buses parked in the lot as we drove in and knew that there would be plenty of grade schoolers scurrying around the shelves of books. In a way, it’s difficult to enjoy shopping when there are close to 100 kids with their teachers and chaperones plus other shoppers, all trying to select books at the same time. But, over shadowing this is the knowledge that these kids are being exposed to and buying ‘real live’ books. It seems that each student has a set dollar amount that they may spend as you see them checking with their teachers as to how much money they have left and if their book selection is ok.

I had a small stack of books in my lap and was paging through one when the following occurred.

A small, red-headed young boy came up to a teacher who was standing next to my bench. He handed her a book and asked if he had enough money left to buy it. I couldn’t help but noticed the title, “Advise to Young Mothers.” I thought to myself, “How nice. He’s buying someone a gift.”

You could tell by looking at the teacher that she questioned his choice of books. “Why do you want this book?” she asked him.

“I just started collecting moths,” was his reply.

It took me a minute to see through his confusion.

Keep your fork



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