Home Water Storage

I’m in the process of revamping my water storage system for our garden. In the past, I’ve relied on the well or have had to take a pump down to the river and pump the water directly to the garden whenever I watered. This year I’ve put in a 300 gallon storage tank that holds enough water for quite a few waterings. I use river water as the well water contains sediment that makes the soil look and act like concrete. But, garden water storage is not what this post is about, although it has gotten me to thinking about ‘household use’ water that is available in case of some type of emergency.

Three places around the house that already store potable water are the water heater, water pipes and ice-cube trays. Depending on what you have, water that isn’t safe to drink but can be used for other purposes include the toilet tank, water-bed and swimming pool.

FEMA recommends storing 1 gallon of water per person per day for two weeks. To save you doing the math, that’s 14 gallons for each person in your family or possibly others that will ‘crash your party’ in an emergency. Here are 8 water storage options for your home that will add to the previously listed storage sites.

  • Store-bought gallons of water
  • Single serve water bottles
  • Reused two-liter PETE bottles
  • Plastic, cube-shaped 3-1/2 gallon Waterbricks
  • Five-gallon hard plastic jugs
  • Bathtub water bladder
  • Plastic 30 to 55 gallon-drums
  • 160 to 320 gallon water storage tanks

I’m sure I’ve missed other storage options, but hopefully I’ve gotten you to thinking about this necessary emergency need.

Keep your fork

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