New Flipping Coin

What this country needs is a new flipping coin. Watch any football game and you’ll see the officials get together with the captains of both teams for the coin toss. One official pulls out a coin and shows the two sides to the captains and explains which side is heads and which side is tails We, the watching public, have no idea what the coin looks like or if in fact the toss is on the up and up.

When I was much younger I once saw a coin that had a ladies head on one side and her kiester on the other side. Now, that coin made sense (cents – no pun intended) to me. But, I can see where that the use of that coin would bother everyone but  POTUS. So, we won’t push for the use of that coin.

What I purpose is that we have the U.S. Mint mint a new half-dollar that has Teddy Roosevelt on one side and Nathan Hale on the other. With this coin we could honor two great American patriots with one single coin. And, when anyone tosses a coin, no one needs to explain which side is which. All we would have to do is call ‘Teds’ or ‘Hales’!

Keep your fork


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