No Small Mistake

The mothers of our grandsons seem more like daughters to us than daughter-in-laws. But, they may have one fault that stands out. They both worry about me too much. I’ve been known to have fallen down a few times and tore things up or have had other unfortunate incidents happen to me, like getting hit in the face by a 2 x 4 that sprung loose from an old chicken house I was revamping or being bit by a bat or pouring boiling water down my shoe. Come to think of it, the list is quite long. They’ve threatened to put me in a plastic bubble, but they would have a hard time finding a bubble big enough. I hope they don’t hear about this latest incident.

Last week as I was going down to the garden, not paying any attention to where I was walking, I stepped into a hole that a fox had dug trying to feast on freshly laid turtle eggs. Trying to stand up and finding out I couldn’t, I crawled back to the house. Not being able to convince the Pickle Queen that I didn’t need to go to the emergency room, I reluctantly let her help me into the van.

Arriving at the hospital and refusing to ride in a wheel chair, I hobbled into the ER and asked for my foot to be X-rayed. Luckily there wasn’t a room full of others needing attention and the paper work didn’t take long so they whisked me back right away. Having discovered that my ankle wasn’t broken, a nurse ushered me back to the waiting room. Before I could sit down, the doctor on duty arrived and handed me a surprisingly big pill.

Before he could say anything to me, his beeper went off and he excused himself from the room.

Still  in much pain, I looked at the pill. I’ve been around horses and other livestock all my life and have seen some mighty big pills, but nothing like this one. I thought, How on God’s little green earth am I ever going to swallow this pill? But being in a lot of pain, and not knowing how long the doctor would be gone, I decided to do my best. I closed my eyes and after what seemed like an eternity managed to get the pill down. It was horrible.

Just then the doctor returned with a basin of hot water.

“Okay,” he said, “just dissolve the pill in the water and soak your foot in it for 15 minutes.” At least he didn’t tell me it was a suppository!

I managed to get a second capsule, just in case I needed another one.  It’s pictured below with a K-cup and ballpoint pen for comparison.

Keep your fork



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