Cucumber Storage

We put in only  3 cucumber hills this year and already we have more cukes than we know what to do with. We aren’t going to make any pickles this season as we have plenty left from previous years. Therefore, we’ve enjoyed cold, crunchy cucumbers for many meals in many different ways. If you store them right, cucumbers will stay crunchy for at least a week when stored in the refrigerator. Here are some points to remember for proper storage.

Always rinse off the cucumbers, no matter where or how you obtained them. Whether they come from your garden, the neighbor’s garden, the grocery store, vacuum sealed, plastic container, etc., always take them from their container (if any) and wash them off. This will also give you the opportunity to inspect them and remove any soft or moldy spots before storage.

Excess moisture on the surface of the cukes will encourage spoilage during storage. Use a clean, dry towel to remove excess moisture so they are thoroughly dry before storage. When dry, wrap them in a clean, dry paper or dish towel to help control condensation/humidity.

Place your wrapped cukes inside a plastic bag that will let a little air inside to help prevent condensation. If you have ethylene producing fruits, such as melons, stored in the same refrigerator, the plastic bag will also help protect the cukes from over-ripening and spoilage from being exposed to the gas.

Place the plastic bag containing the wrapped cukes in the crisper drawer or other cool section of the fridge. Do not place the bag in the freezer or in a cold area of the fridge.

As I said before, cukes stored properly should last at least a week. If you don’t use a whole cucumber for your sandwich, salad, soup or whatever, simply cover the exposed, cut off end with a small piece of plastic wrap and place back in its wrapping in the bag.

Keep your fork


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