Basic Vehicle Emergency Kit

According to AAA, 4 out of 10 American drivers would be unprepared if a breakdown should occur. They also state that two-thirds of drivers have never had their battery tested, 1 in 5 do not know how to change a tire and 4 in 10 do not carry an emergency kit. With the heat we’re having this summer and families getting ready to take their annual summer vacation, here are a few things to consider.

Remember that more batteries fail due to extreme heat than to cold. If you haven’t had your battery tested lately or if it has some age to it, now is the time to have your battery checked by a professional. Tires are the same. If you haven’t noticed, you see more pieces of tire rubber laying alongside, if not on, the road during the summer than the winter. I’ve never seen anyone throw pieces of tire out their car window like they do cigarette butts or garbage. Have your tires checked. To avoid the engine overheating, have the engine coolant checked when you have the battery tested and tires checked.

If you do not have a basic emergency kit in your vehicle, here is what it should include as a minimum:

Mobile phone and charger
Warning devices such as flares/reflective triangles
First-aid kit
Jumper cables
Tarp/trash bag
Basic toolkit
Pencil and paper
Duct tape and plastic wire/cable ties
Rags/towels/pre-moistened wipes
Windshield washer solution
Nonperishable food/treats
Drinking water
Toilet paper/napkins

I’m sure there are other items as well. If you can think of other needed items, add them to your kit. For your piece of mind and safety if a breakdown/emergency should occur, having the basics on hand is a necessity.

Keep your fork


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