Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Locally

Besides organized farmer’s markets and private fruit/vegetable ‘roadside’ stands, grocery stores have started to partner with local producers to also provide fresh, locally grown produce in their isles. The Virginia Cooperative Extension service offers these five reasons why one should buy local. These apply to where ever you live, not just to Virginia.

  • Tastier & Longer Lasting Food – Neighboring farmers can pack and sell their fruits and vegetables when they are most fresh. Avoid purchasing imported foods that loose nutrients and see their best days in warehouses or in the thousands of miles of travel.
  • Invest in Local Families & Communities – When you shop local, you help someone in your community feed their family and keep their business alive. Gain a better understanding of how your food was grown by forming trustworthy relationships with local farmers.
  • Strengthen Your Local Economy – The dollars you spend on local food are more likely to stay in your community. These food dollars help local businesses keep and create more jobs.
  • Leave a Lighter Carbon Footprint – Local farms help preserve farmland and environmental resources near you. The greater the distance between a farm and your place, the more non-renewable resources are needed to process, pack, transport and store food.
  • Buy Local to Invest in the Future –  Support local farmers today so that there will be farms and local food businesses in your community tomorrow!

Keep your fork


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