Not The Brightest Cowboy

Back in South Dakota you have the real cowboys and the wanna be cowboys. It’s difficult to tell them apart as most guys and gals own and wear at least one pair of boots, blue jeans and a hat. I’d say there are probably more in the ‘wanna be’ category than the ‘real’ category. It’s hard to tell which one this cowboy belonged to.

A cowboy had two horses and had a hard time telling them apart. He cut one of the horse’s mane off, but it grew back; he cut off the tail, but it also grew back. A friend suggested that he measure the horses.

The cowboy measured them and went back to see his friend. “That was a great idea,” he told his friend, “The black one is 1 hand (4 inches for the wanna be’s) taller than the white one.”

Keep your fork


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