Welcome to lifeonthemassanutten.

I have a variety of interests and life experiences so it will be hard to tell what topics you may find on my site. I don’t want to limit  myself to a single subject matter such as food, outdoor activities, memories, etc. so expect a variety of postings. Some postings may consist of stories, personal thoughts and ponderings, and some may be a bit of an extension of the truth. I hope you enjoy my site.



One thought on “About

  1. Floyd,
    Is the the same Ag Teacher I knew for 25 years?
    I think you have the life!
    Ben’s brother in law married my daughter last night and he was telling me about hair hair cut etc. And that in Virginia you got a $20 life time hunting license?

    It sounds like your having the time of your life.

    I haven’t taught Ag in 12 years, becasue of dwending school enrollment the school cut back to 1 Ag Teacher, so I retired and then Contracted with the school to be the tech coordinator and compute tec. and which I am still doing, and probably will as long as I can.

    I appreciated Ben catching me up on you.
    Small world!!

    Merry Christmas,
    Oh, I think you should start making a little shine!! I did live 3yrs in Al.



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